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Advise on cancellation of holiday rentalAdvise on cancellation of holiday rental

Consumer Protection »Posted 21 Jan 2018 Post Answer

legal question I booked through TripAdvisor\'s website a house in Freeport in March 2017 for my holiday from 03 February 2018 - 13 February 2018. For my holiday I wanted a spacious detached property with a private pool and with a dock and ocean access so that I could hire a boat near to Freeport and the beach
In order to get this I searched and booked 11 months in advance as was prepared to pay a deposit that far out in order to book exactly what I was looking for
I requested to book a house from the through TripAdvisor and they accepted my reservation following which I immediately paid the requested deposit in good faith.
On the 9th January 2018 they requested final payment for the rental which again I immediately paid so I had at that point I had paid in full and I believe I had at this point fulfilled the contract on my side.
On the 11th January with no explanation the owner just cancelled the booking breaking the contract which existed between us. Since then I have secured a similar property not far from the rental which cancelled my booking, detached, similar size with dock and private pool albeit smaller than the one I had originally booked. This cost me $4300 plus the security deposit. (I can of course provide proof of this) What I had paid to the owner of the house through TripAdvisor was $2400 which included a $500 security deposit. My loss is therefore is $2400 due to them cancelling my reservation after I had paid in full.
When I made the payments I incured non sterling transaction fees of @ 50 as the rental was payable in dollars. TripAdvisor after some long debates have agreed as a gesture of goodwill to refund these to me but they stipulate that I will give up all further claims against them and sign a confidentiality agreement.
Do I have a strong case against the rental house owner under Bahamian law? Should I accept TripAdvisors offer? Thanks and Regards Chris

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